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Allison Jones,  Wardrobe Stylist

Based in northern Virginia, I help women who feel overwhelmed by their closets and underwhelmed by their style. If you're ready for the person on the outside to match the one on the inside, to smile when you look in the mirror, and feel more confident, then let's get started.


About Me

Perhaps some are born with great style, but I certainly wasn’t one of them. Believe me, I've been there. I've stood in front of a closet full of clothes, and felt like I had nothing to wear. I've dreaded going to special events because the thought of finding some sort of acceptable formal wear made we want to crouch into the fetal position. It's taken me years to develop into the confident, efficient, and wise shopper and dresser I am today. But it doesn't have to take you years.

Maybe the way you're dressing is more suited for the person you used to be. Maybe you’re ready to advance in your career, or pursue a new relationship. Maybe you’re someone who’s always taken care of others, and you’re finally feeling the freedom to invest in yourself.

Whatever your reasons and challenges, let's work together to help you create a wardrobe that excites you and is functional for the life you live.


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Closet Edit ($300)

During this 3 hour in-person or virtual session, we'll:

  • Go through your entire wardrobe (or just current season if the entire wardrobe is too large for the time frame) and determine which pieces are assets or clutter & why.

  • Discover the "holes" or missing pieces that may be making it harder for you to get dressed.

  • Determine your body shape and discuss flattering tips for dressing.

  • Pair outfits with accessories (time permitting)


Digital Look Book with Personalized Shopping Links ($350)

We’ll determine your highest priority items from the list we’ve made of wardrobe holes that we've determined in your closet edit, or the wardrobe holes you've pre-determined on your own. I will gather multiple options for each item chosen based on your style preferences and budget, and present them organized in a digital look book with shoppable links. You’ll also receive one month of follow-up with me to send outfit photos and ask questions. 

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Full Style Upgrade ($600)

This package combines both the closet edit and online shopping services. Upon receipt of your shopping links, you'll also receive 1 month of follow-up with me to send outfit photos and ask questions. 

**The closet edit and online shopping services must be booked together up front to receive the discounted rate. 

Work With Me

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Client Reviews

Liz W.

Allison helped me come to the realization that I am dressing for someone who doesn't exist anymore. She was integral in helping me shift my mindset to get the wardrobe refresh I was looking for.

Margaret S.

Loved working with Allison! Even though we have different personal styles, she demonstrated a good eye for things I liked and putting together pieces and accessories I already had in my closet along with a new piece here and there. She was especially creative with shoes. 

Ashley S.

My session with Allison was extremely helpful in showing me where there was a disconnect in my wardrobe. More importantly, I am able to move forward with action items to make sure my wardrobe becomes what I need it to be.

Nicole S.

Allison was so professional and relaxed in what was a very intimate and personal situation (trying on clothes for 3+ hours!) Not only was it so helpful to have an objective opinion, but hanging out with Allison was FUN! She has a great sense of style and helped me see new outfit ideas with the pieces I already own.

Kendra K.

Allison helped me think about wearing the pieces I have a little differently, rather than just recommend I buy a bunch of new stuff. I am cost conscious, so I was very pleased!

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